Palestinian Business Council


We are glad to announce the establishment of the Palestinian Business Council (PBC) as of March 20th, 2004 according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates. It was based on the efforts of few well known and reputed businessmen of Palestinian origins coming together to form the council. A committee was formed to establish the same and worked thoroughly hand in hand for 6 month straight.

Not to mention that the PBC has a unique community, where most of the members are holders of different citizenships living in the UAE working in different sectors.

The main role of the PBC is to organize and hold many forums and events in Economy, Investment, Business, Commercial, Social, and Cultural.

The council has a purpose to achieve some targets of which:

1-Establish a strong Economical & Commercial bond with the businessmen in the UAE by working closely with the Economy department and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, also; working on sharing with the Emirati community their national celebrations to show the gratitude of the Palestinian community to the leadership and locals of the UAE.

2-Enhance the relationship between the UAE and Palestine in all aspects of the council’s focus areas and to be involved with the local and international businesses in the UAE to keep in close contact and social ties in order to achieve a win/win situation.

3-Thrive to build stronger bridges between the community in all aspects such as but not limited to Economically, Commercially, Cultural & Social to highlight the cultural & traditional values of our community which is almost coming obsolete since it has been over 80 years since the first exile.Last but not least; we like to ensure our community youth will get the education they deserve plus providing job opportunities for those in need.

So we kindly request you to join hands with us to fulfill our goals and make it a great success. This is open for all men and women who are capable and willing to work for the success of this foundation.